The Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate

Did You Always Want to Become a Sister?: SSMI Vocation Interviews

Each of these clips has appeared on as separate items. On each is a title page, with parts of an audio interview and subtitles. To hear Sr. Marianne's whole story, open each window in sequence. But don't stop there! Video interviews follow!

Excerpts of music composed by Sr. Juvenalia Kaniuk, SSMI, play during the credit rolls.

As you view each one, float* the cursor over a thumbnail, to expand and play, (while the cursor keeps floating there,) or click bottom right corner of the thumbnail screen to expand to full screen size. Click bottom right corner of screen (or ESC, on upper left of your keyboard) to reduce back to this page. *Note: The float expansion works on Firefox, but does not work on Internet Explorer. Other browsers also may or may not have this feature, but the full screen function should work for all of them.

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