The heart is truly grateful when it finds it’s Life Path of self-giving Service to Others. SSMI in Winnipeg celebrated their Jubilarian Sisters with great joy on Sunday, August 23 with a Liturgy of Thanksgiving celebrated by Metropolitan Lawrence. Some close friends joined later for a relaxing afternoon in an outdoor space that provided a celebration spirit of appreciation.

Sr. Andrea Kruk (60 Year Jubilee), Sr. Marianne Telenko (75 Year Jubilee), and Sr. Ruth Aney (55 Year Jubilee)
Sister Marianne Telenko 75 years – of being a peaceful, loving presence even now into her later years
Sister Andrea Kruk 60 years – of being attentive to arising needs and available to tasks at hand
Sister Ruth Aney 55 years – of offering loving care to young and old alike and touching the hearts of many