Please pray for all of the families involved in Sacramental preparation at Queen of Peace Catholic parish in Aurora Colorado.
that the bond of faith and the Holy Spirit bring these families together and help them grow deeper in their faith and love for the Catholic Church and in service to others and God.
Please pray for  Griselda, and her daughters Ruby and Esmeralda, and pray for their estranged father; please pray for Jocelyn and her two children and reconciliation with their children and her husband; please pray for the soul of the father of Jocelyn and Griselda, and for their grieving, as he was murdered in Mexico during the month of December.
Please pray for Ana and her three children, and that the children’s father may be reconciled to the church and that Ana may have guidance to know what God wants her to do regarding her children’s father, so that she may be able to receive the sacraments.
Pray for the family of Julius,  especially for their son Emmanuel that he may be safe from the dark and false ideas that are mandatory teaching in the public schools regarding topics of sexuality, and that their faith as a family may provide strength against these influences; and that I may be able to be a good mentor to Emmanuel in terms of Christian manhood using the gift of Catholic tradition to help him.
I pray that Joe has continued remission from cancer and the complete hip replacement he is now facing because of the cancer and that the upcoming operation this week goes well and his recovery goes well and for his wife and family during this time.
I pray for the soul of Father Richard, for his family, and for his intercession with Christ to help guide me in following his footsteps and trust in God to work in the pro life movement. I pray for Rebecca and her desire to work in the pro-life movement, and that she may have the strength to be an influence for coworkers;
I pray for those beginning to work in the pro-life movement in Ukrainian Catholic University in conjunction with Emmaus house and campus ministry, that the Holy Spirit may provide guidance.
… and for others in need of prayer, for whom I have already requested — God knows them all! Thank you.
Glory to Jesus Christ and honor to Mary