Dear Sisters,

1. I am asking for a miraculous intervention so that we may have the English summer session in Lviv and Brukyovych with Ukrainian Catholic University as it has always been planned and offered. I’m asking God to move many mountains and for a level of trust by all of involved in planning  that is above and beyond day to day expectations– that we trust Christ to walk through walls for us and each other.
2. I pray for everyone in Ukraine who is out at work because of this virus, anyone who has no safety net, especially those who depend on Ukrainian Catholic University and our summer programs — I pray that students may be able to have a graduation Mass and ceremony.
3. I pray for my brother Jim’s depression and his work that Christ May intervene and heal him;
4. I pray for those who are living in fear unnecessarily because of the virus and those who are isolated and alone including the family I live with.
5. I pray for everyone working on my English summer session at Ukrainian Catholic University, that they may be able to pray in unison for God’s intervention so that we may serve the students and also employ all the people who depend on this summer session as part of their livelihood.
6. I pray for the families who have lost someone for any reason and for all the souls in purgatory; I ask these souls for their intercession for Ukrainian Catholic University and for the English summer session and for everyone involved in any way in that; please ask Christ and the Blessed Mother for every possible miracle and that we may trust in this.
8. For the Emmaus program and all the cognitively disabled and their families and delegates, and that we may be generous in contributing to them.
9. For a complete change of heart for those governors and officials who have designated abortion as necessary business — for a respect for life
In Thanksgiving for your intercession and the Miracles that will occur in Jesus name and through Mary our mother;
For all the SSMI Sisters and their projects.