By Gods grace I have received numerous blessings and I am thankful for your prayers. I am going to Portugal from UAE tomorrow  to start a new business  and thereby I am planning to get a European PR. Kindly pray for me for success in same. Please pray for my financial, health and job issues and bless me with a good business idea to start. Please pray that I clear my debts. Bless my brother with a good marriage. Please pray that  my mother in law be healed from cancer and my niece from kidney disease. Please pray for God’s protection for me and my family from accidents, diseases and bad name, and bless us with a happy peaceful life.  Please pray that God forgive my sins and not let me to fall in it again; that He save me from diseases. forgive my family’s ancestral sins and break any curses placed on them, or on my family through them. Pray that He provide me job security in UAE; and bless me with good relationship with superiors  and help me in saving money. Please pray that He save from evil people and evil eyes. Thanks for all blessings.