Through the intercession of Bl. Martyr Tarsykia and St. Joseph, Terror of Demons, that more souls come to the harbour of CHRIST and that all mankind may acquire the HOLY SPIRIT; for the removal of all diabolical influence which are causing depression, oppression, general brokenness, selfishness, pride, and slavery to sin, sicknesses of all sorts, wild fires and other aberrations of nature; and for the healing of broken marriages and the wounds especially caused to children; for the conversion of tyrannical, corrupt governments.

For the repose of the souls of Charmaine, Tiegen and Yvonne, through the intercession of the Theotokos for the families, as she knows how to grieve and to assist those that are grieving.

And in thanksgiving for the over 5 inches of rain.  And for rain for the wildfire regions and our churches and those in most need.

And for wisdom for our hierarchs and leaders of religious congregations.