Please pray for Michael and the custody battle that is going on trying to take away his two young sons and pray for his enemies who are trying to do this as well, and that he may have exactly the legal help necessary and please protect his sons Brandon and Caleb;

Please pray for Christian and his family and that he may recover from his very serious illness;

Please pray for Alina and her family, her continued conversion to the Catholic faith, and her work as a physician that she may be guided by the Holy Spirit in all things;

Please pray for Anna and her mother and grandmother,  that theу regain their faith in Christ, that they be forgiving and build up their daughter and granddaughter in Christ and his church

Pray for Darusia and her family, especially in thanksgiving that they were able to have their Church returned from the ROC in the past few years;

Pray for the soul of Ingrid, and her family, and for her brother Frantz and his conversion back to the Catholic church, that he may grow into being a loving and communicative father with his sons before it is too late.