Novena Day 1

We began a short novena to Blessed Josaphata for peace in Ukraine in two languages, Ukrainian and English.
In nine days, we will mark the two years of an unjust war that has taken many innocent lives.
It’s hard to believe that it has already been two years since the war started in Ukraine.

Please join us for 9 days in a novena prayer for PEACE.
We will be posting a short video prayer every evening around 8:30 pm.
It may not be perfect, but it comes from the hearts of simple sisters.
Let’s unite in prayer and let’s shake heaven to hear our voices. Thank you.

Novena Day 2

Today is the second day of our novena dedicated to Blessed Josaphata,
as we fervently pray for peace to envelop Ukraine.
We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all who have chosen to unite with us on this profound nine-day prayer journey.

Novena Day 3

Welcome to our third day of prayer novena to blessed josaphata dedicated for peace in ukraine.
Taking just three minutes each day to pray for Ukraine can make a significant difference.
We sincerely appreciate your presence and participation in this endeavour.

Novena Day 4

Today is the fourth day of this powerful prayer chain of THE novena TO Blessed Josaphata, seeking peace for Ukraine. 

committing to the same task for nine days straight FOR just 3 minutes a day can be challenging.
The significance OF THIS Effort is what makes it worthwhile. 

We appreciate everyone’s unity in prayer.

Novena Day 5

Please join us as we gather for the fifth day of the novena dedicated to Blessed Josaphata, seeking PEACE for Ukraine.

Blessed Josaphata, known for her unwavering love, gratitude, compassion, and kindness, embraced every challenge with a heart overflowing with these virtues.

Novena Day 6

As we embark on the sixth day of our prayer novena to Blessed Josaphata, our hearts are fervently lifted in petition for her intercession to the Almighty, beseeching her for the precious gift of peace to descend upon Ukraine. 

In these moments of collective supplication, we find solace in the unity of our intentions, trusting in Blessed Josaphata’s heavenly advocacy to bring comfort and hope to those affected by turmoil and strife.

Novena Day 7

As we APPROACH our seventh day of novena prayer to Blessed Josaphata for peace in Ukraine,
let us be reminded to seek strength from Christ. 

In the stillness of our hearts, we will find direction,
relying on the strength of silence and prayer to guide us through these challenging times. 

Together in faith, let’s pray for peace in Ukraine, and also strive to embody peace in our own lives and relationships.

Novena Day 8

Join us in a powerful DAY-EIGHT prayer novena to Blessed Josaphata Fervently praying for peace in Ukraine.

Let’s uplift our hearts to the Lord, offering our prayers for the restoration of faith. Together, we can harness of the power of prayer and stand in solidarity with those affected by conflict, trusting in the blessings of Blessed Josaphata to bring peace to Ukraine.

Novena Day 9

As we conclude the final day of the Novena to Blessed Josaphata, our hearts are filled with hope for peace in Ukraine.

Glory to God for guiding us through this journey of prayer, praise, and reflection.
Let us continue to lift our voices in praise of God for peace, love, and mercy.
To all who have joined us in this nine-day journey, your presence and prayers have been a beacon of light and solidarity. Together, may we continue to intercede for peace and healing in our world.
Thank you, and may God bless each one of you abundantly.