Please, I ask your prayers for Fernando. He needs his car for work, and there have been problems that the engineers of the car do not understand (breakdowns, accidents) and that take time to fix, even the weather has been against them. He is in the United States and has many expectations placed on him. I think Fernando needs protection, encouragement and confidence these days because if something happens to him many would be sad. He’s very special.

I also need prayer. Something strange is that I look like I am shaking the hand of a man I cannot see or recognize his hands. Also I hear voices, from males and females, that say: “You can not help him,” … “you will end up giving me your soul”, and other threatening and obscene things. I also feel as if my eyes are stung. I feel that all this has its origin in Mexico, my country. My family has been satanic for generations and for them my birth and my life are a curse for the family and for the country. My father used to say I was a curse from God although even though he pretended that everything was fine in front of others. They think I am weak. I have the feeling of having eaten a lot of dirty rags or cardboard. The air pollution around me has started to rise since a few days ago. I feel tied, blind and my spirit weak a little disoriented when I breathe. I think that’s not normal. I feel as if there is a barrier so that nobody listens to me.

Please pray also for the soul of my best friend, who died almost one year ago. He used to help me so much and his death was a surprise for me because he never told me he was sick. Thank you for your attention. Blessings.

– MP, Mexico