November 12, 2023 saw the installation of the first-class relic of Blessed Josaphata at Holy Protection Church, in Toronto. Prior to the 5 pm service, Sister Christine Dudych led a small group of singers in a number of refrains, using the words and prayers of Blessed Josaphata. The church was filled with this beautiful ambiance of prayer. 

His Excellency Bishop Bryan Bayda, Eparch of Toronto, Fr. Bohdan Choly, pastor, and associate pastors Fr. Oleh Yuryk and Fr. Ihor Panchyshyn waited at the Royal Doors, as  a procession to the tetrapod began, with the Sisters singing “Ласками Багата”.  Ostap Choly, acolyte, led the procession holding a lighted candle, followed by Sister Janet Kozak, carrying an embroidered banner of Blessed Josaphata, the work of Fr. Dmytro Blazejowskyj. Two little girls holding vases of flowers followed, leading Sister Christina Syrotynsky, Provincial Superior, holding the relic of Blessed Josaphata on a little pillow The relic was placed in front of the icon of Blessed Josaphata, and the Moleben to Blessed Josaphata began. Bishop Bayda gave his homily mostly in the English language, connecting a personal anecdote to Blessed Josaphata: Be faithful in small things; this gives glory to God. 

Near the end of the Moleben, the faithful were invited to come forward to be blessed with the relic, as the krylos sang a reflective refrain.  After the Moleben, and the singing of O Спомагай Нас, the Bishop, accompanied by the clergy, took the relic from the tetrapod to the left side altar. A smaller icon of Blessed Josaphata, which will mark the place of the relic, was blessed first. Then the relic was placed in front of the small icon. Each priest blessed the reliquary and its holy contents, and a glass encasement was put into place by Bishop Bayda and Father Choly.