From the very beginning of St. Nicholas School, the Sisters were required to fundraise to keep our school operating. Thus, month after month, year after year, out of a deep desire for the Christian education of Ukrainian Youth, no sacrifice was avoided, no effort spared to work towards providing sufficient funding for the well-being of our school.

In the 1942 Chronicles, we read: “Our school committee held a fundraising tea at the hall of St. John the Benevolent. The Sisters prepared a concert for the guests and Sister Cornelia Mantyka organized an oratorical presentation in English and Ukrainian, in which seven gifted students participated.”

In 1952, we read in the minutes of the annual meeting of the St. Nicholas School committee, Mr. Rebchuk reported that the committee met 23 times. Fundraising activities were organized: two bazaars, ten teas and the school’s 41st-anniversary celebration. (Looks like a tea was held every month of the school year).

Education of our youth was a priority in developing well rounded, faith-filled young people, who would become contributing members within our community and society.

The Sisters want to thank all those who over the years, have been the Tea Convenors — not an easy mandate. We want to thank all the parents who have helped with the preparation and all those who have numerously attended and shared their generosity with our school.

From the 82 Sisters who have taught at St. Nicholas, Immaculate Heart and Immaculate Heart of Mary Academy, and all the Sisters, we thank you for being part of this mission in the education of young children. As Sisters, we continue to value what this school provides and stands for. We walk beside all of you, as we move forward nurturing our young people.

To shift and change is never easy. Our Lord calls us to be open to shifting times and the leading of the Spirit. The Holy Spirit has been with us, is with us and will continue to inspire us to provide a well-grounded education for young people.

The Lord’s invitation for all of us is to move forward in life and to keep listening to the Holy Spirit. IHMS has profited immensely from the generosity of all those who have faithfully attended the Teas year after year. IHMS has benefited from all who have given of themselves so freely and willingly in working hard to plan, prepare and host this tea. Gratitude is the Heart of Life. From the Sisters, gratefulness is what lies in the depths of our hearts . . . Grateful for all those who have contributed, remain faithful and committed to the future well-being of the school.

On this Feast of the Presentation of our Lord, with the lighting of these candles, Sister Anne Pidskalny SSMI officially opened the final IHMS Tea.


Sister Anne Pidskalny SSMI opens the Immaculate Heart of Mary School Tea


Sister Jean Zemliak SSMI and Sister Anne Pidskalny SSMI