The Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate in Canada are engaging in a process of communal discernment. In it we want to seek and discern God’s present call for the community and the best way to respond to it. From across Canada and our missions overseas, with the help of the Zoom platform, this process enables each member to have her voice heard and shared, which is invaluable for discernment, despite COVID restrictions.

Sister Laurence Loubieres, xmcj, and Father Gabriel Cote, sj, are facilitating this process for us, which is based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. They led and successfully guided an extensive group of delegates for the Assembly of the Canadian Religious Conference in the same process.

The process requires that each Sister would commit to give 4 hours of her time per month, in private prayer and in community sharing. The entire process will last 7 months, having begun in November 2021.

The Sisters place this communal discernment process into the hands of Blessed Josaphata, our co-Foundress. As we celebrate 20 years since her beatification in Lviv, in 2001, we as a Community have a task of incarnating, updating, and transmitting the Charism, with which God gifted her. We pray the Holy Spirit guide us on this journey, to better serve God and our people, wherever the need is the greatest!