God came to us, came to earth to bring peace, peace to our hearts, to our homes.

The message of peace today can be difficult to concentrate on when violence and war are so normalized.

God came to bring peace. The best way to receive peace is to trust God, to believe that Jesus Christ brings peace. The challenge is: to bring, to manifest peace in this world.

We are invited by our ability to forgive from the heart those who hurt us, by our humility to apologize to anyone we have hurt, to grieve and mourn our losses rather than staying stuck in grief. We can let our light shine by blessing and affirming others, encouraging the fearful.

May the beauty and wisdom of carols bring gladness into our hearts this Christmas.

Христос Раждается! Славіте Його!

Christ is Born! Glorify Him!

Sister Christina Syrotynsky,

SSMI Provincial Superior