Blessed Josaphata Icon - Sponsored by the Kozak Family
Blessed Josaphata Icon – Sponsored by Millie and George Kozak

The Sisters in New Westminster, British Columbia commemorated Blessed Josaphata Feast Day in a simple way of prayer at the Holy Eucharist Cathedral parish. The Icon of Blessed Josaphata was place at the front of the church and intersessions to her, were expressed in Ukrainian, from her Molebin booklet, which was prayed toward the end of Divine Liturgy. The service was also prayed again in English, at Vespers in the evening. Both prayer services included a brief homily, and were led by Fr. Mykhailo Ozorovych, honouring Blessed Josaphata and the Sisters who work and have worked in the Eparchy of New Westminster.

To mark the special Feastday, Sister Angelica Hodowansky and Sister Patricia Lacey gathered with Millie and George Kozak, the parents of Sister Janet Kozak, SSMI. Together they enjoyed a meal, visited, played games and ended the day with Vespers. Millie and George were the sponsors of the beautiful Blessed Josaphata Icon that is located in the Cathedral. Such parents are a blessing to the SSMI Community, and the Sisters thank Blessed Josaphata for them.

Blessed Josaphata – pray for us and the people of British Columbia especially during this time of crisis.