Please help pray that God fill Robert’s darkened soul. He is like a dead man walking. Also, may he treat his girl right. His behavior is bringing her to copious tears. – AR, November 8, 2019.

Please pray that if it is God’s will for me to return to Ukraine and be involved with the disabled in L’Arche in Ukraine, through the University then may His will be done and may He provide the resources and education necessary in order to do this for the lives of the most vulnerable.

Please also pray for my full physical recovery from surgery one year ago, and from a virus that adds to my current disabilities; for the parents and students, preparing for first communion and confirmation at my parish; for guidance from the Holy Spirit, as I teach them; for an assistant religious ed director for our parish; for Oksana and her family’s spiritual and physical healing; for Ivanka, in her work with L’Arche, in Lviv; for blessings on the Neocatechumenal Way program at Pope Saint Clement Parish; for blessings for the staff at UCU and Emmaus Centre, and for benefactors for them; for Natalia and her son Danylo, for their particular needs; for a deep inner conversion for the students at UCU (too many to name – God knows!); formy brother James and his family, especially their son, who is preparing to receive first communion and confirmation under my instruction; for Semaynesh and her family, for their inner healing and many needs; for the guidance of the Holy Spirit for the administrators of the University of Notre Dame, to keep and defend the Catholic teaching; for Viktoria and Dana, that they not be swayed by materialism; for Kateryna and Oleg, two Protestants who are exploring the Catholic faith. With much thanks,