Recently it has felt like I have been under attack physically, mentally and spiritually, with one problem after the other. I had a diagnosis of epilepsy (which I still doubt in my heart) along with other smaller illnesses that all have some impact on my life. I am feeling very discouraged to the point of being suicidal. I think the only thing stopping me is the thought that God is watching over me and would not want me to do that. I have prayed for mercy for whatever I have done to bring this upon myself and for God not to let me suffer any more than I can bear, understanding that His will shall be done. I hope that you will pray for me to receive mercy and healing, and discernment to understand what God wants of me and His plans for my life as I am very confused with everything that’s going on. I will also be praying for the continued grace and blessings of God in your community. Thank you.