Dear Sisters, please pray for the following:

For Kit and Ella’s future wedding: May everything be blessed and go smoothly before and after. May God also fill their hearts with purified love for each other and guide them on how to appreciate and love one another now, before and forever; For Raquel to find hope in her relationship. She is struggling. May she not be led by her fears knowing that God is working on things. May God lift her heaviness and turn her deep sadness into joy. May God reassure her with love and may that love make her feel confident and worthy again. May her beloved not be so focused that he neglects her unintentionally; For Daniel’s workload to lighten, so he can spend much needed quality time with those his beloved; For God to sustain Eva in her work and her health, and in giving support to so many others who struggle; For Robby to not let work overcome his relationship; For Vincent, who struggles with depression, that God help him forgive his unfaithful wife, and for her conversion to Christ, and return to Vincent; For Robert’s inner healing, to free his heart to contribute more to his relationship with Rea, and for his deliverance from addiction to technology, which may be the root of his need for healing; For R and R to persevere in their relationship, through an awkward time; For RD to resist an impure relationship with someone, and for that someone’s deep conversion to Christ as well; For Elba to be released from irrational fears, and healed from deep wounds that caused them; For Elva’s work situation, for God’s intervention in decisions being made that could be difficult for many people; For Mary’s deliverance from alcoholism and whatever is at the root of it, that is causing her abbrasiveness and affecting her family relationships; and for her husband to persevere in their marriage; For our youth minister, JK, who is involved in a very impure relationship, for his full return to God; For A & A, and Elby, for their spiritual protection in their workplace where they are experiencing strong spiritual warfare, and for their health and perseverence.

Thank you.- AR