On Saturday, February 20, 2021, Bishop David Motiuk visited the Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate community in Mundare, Alberta, during which time blessed a new chalice, diskos and star.  These beautiful Liturgical Vessels were received from the Knights of Columbus – St. Stephen Assembly #2522 from Calgary. 

When a member of the Knights of Columbus Fourth Degree passes away, the Assembly traditionally will gift the widow with a chalice.  On December 1, 2020, Sir Knight Nestor Shular passed away.  He was a great friend of the Sisters, volunteering as their maintenance man when they had a community home in Calgary.  Upon his retirement as a mechanical engineer, he continued volunteering his services for the sisters and the Church.  Both Nestor and his wife, Diane, were close friends of Sisters.  In conversation with Sister Laura Prokop and Diane, it was shared that the Mundare community was in need of a new chalice for their chapel.  Diane was more than happy to designate her gift of the chalice to Sisters.  She knew that this is something that Nestor would have liked.

The memory of Sir Knight Nestor will live on especially as the Sisters gather in prayer for Divine Liturgy. 

The chalice has the following inscription: 

In memory of Sir Knight Nestor Shular
Born March 10, 1941
Passed Away December 1, 2020
Knights of Columbus St. Stephen Assembly #2522
Calgary, Alberta Canada

Thank you to the Diane Shular and the Knights of Columbus for their generous gift.