New! To Celebrate our 125th Jubilee


A Voice of Our SSMI Past: Excerpts from the Memoirs of Sister Athanasia Melnyk, One of the First Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate

Translated and edited by Sr. Dominica Slawuta, SSMI

In honour of the celebration of the 125th Anniversary of the founding of the Congregation of the Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate, and the 115th of the arrival of the SSMI in Canada, this small piece of our SSMI history, joining both celebrations, appeared as a feature on our website, and is now available in print.

Sister Athanasia (Theodosia) Melnyk, SSMI, was one of the first seven postulants who joined our Foundress, Blessed Josaphata Hordashevska, forming this new Congregation. She later volunteered to be missioned in Canada, to serve our newly emigrated Ukrainian people. Her mortal remains rest in the cemetery of the SSMI at Mount Mary Retreat Centre in Ancaster, ON.

Available only in English

48 pp ~ $7.00


Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom: Variations on a Theme in Honour of Blessed Josaphata Hordashevska

Composed by Sr. Christine Dudych, SSMI
Featuring the Oranta Singers

An all-new composition of the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, with variations of Sr. Juvenalia Kaniuk, SSMI's popular invocation to Blessed Josaphata, Co-Foundress of the Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate, sung by the Oranta Singers, a choir specially formed for this recording.

Bonus Tracks: Includes excerpts of the Moleben to Blessed Josaphata, sung by the Sisters Servants in Ancaster, ON.

~ $15.00


Special Edition SSMI Jubilee Rosaries

Featuring the papal cross, and medallion with Blessed Josaphata Hordashevska opposite a commemorative 125th Jubilee shield. Colors available: Silver Pearl; Royal Blue; Sienna Red; Regal Green

~ $10.00 each

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SSMI Life and Lives


Слугині Світла

/Servants of Light

by Olia Kis

This is an encounter with ten outstanding personalities, ten Sisters of the Congregation of the Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate, of the Province of the Sorrowful Mother of God in the underground Church in Ukraine. Only such personal accounts could give such an incredible sense of human nature. To be able to touch the holy live of these Sisters Servants, who constantly witnessed to the Light, and served Him and their people, is a great grace for all.
Currently in Ukrainian only.

252 pp ~ ISBN: 978-966-658-257-0 (U)

~ $20.00


Мандрівка Блаженної Йосафати з Радянської України до Рима: Перевезення її тлінних останків 1982 року

/The Journey of Blessed Josaphata from Soviet Ukraine to Rome: The transfer of her mortal remains in 1982

by Sr. Dominica Slawuta, SSMI

This book relates the true story of the risky, courageous and very important adventure in the transferring of the mortal remains of Sister Josaphata Hordashevska, Cofoundress of the Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate, from Soviet Ukraine to Rome. The sources for this work were taken from the words of the protagonists themselves.
Ukrainian and English.

36 pp ~ ISBN: 978-0-9681316-4-0 (U)
36 pp ~ ISBN: 978-0-9681316-3-3 (E)
~ $7.00

Lomnytskyj Bio Ukr

Духовна спадщина отця Єремії Ломницького, ЧСВВ

/The Spiritual Heritage of Father Jeremiah Lomnytskyj, OSBM

by Sr. Oresta Borshovska, SSMI
English translation by Sr. Dominica Slawuta, SSMI

A biographical Masters thesis for the UCU, Lviv, on the life of Rev. Jeremiah Lomnytskyj, OSBM, missionary priest and spiritual director of Bl. Josaphata Hordashevska, SSMI, and co-founder of the Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate.
Ukrainian and now also in English.

140 pp ~ ISBN: 966-8197-29-1 (U)
136 pp ~ ISBN: 978-966-8460-61-6 (E)
~ $15.00


З правдивою любов'ю крізь ціле життя

(With Authentic Love Through Her Entire Life) / A Serva Que Amou Até o Fim

by Sr. Josafata Pachechenik, SSMI

The biography of the Servant of God, Sister Ambrosia Anna Sabatovych, SSMI. Having emigrated to Brazil with her family as an infant, she met the Sisters Servants when they arrived in 1911 and entered six years later. Missioned in an orphanage there, she heroically died as a victim of arson, trying to save the orphans in her care.

Available in Ukrainian and Portuguese.

46 pp ~ ISBN: 978-966-8460-56-2 ~ $3.00

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Слугиня Божа Анатолія Текля Боднар

/ Irmã Anatólia Tecla Bodnar (The Servant of God, Anatolia Teklja Bodnar)

by Sr. Josafata Pachechenik, SSMI

The biography of Servant of God, Sister Anatolia Teklja Bodnar, SSMI. As a child of eight years, she was present at the founding of the Congregation she would enter ten years later. Missioned in Brazil, she became known among her Ukrainian people there, especially for her ministry of healing.

Available in Ukrainian and Portuguese.

31 pp ~ $3.00

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Hlova Bio Eng

I Found the One Whom My Heart Loves/

І знайшла Того Кого любить моє серце

by Julia Fliak, SSMI, trans. Dominica Slawuta, SSMI

The biography of Sister Anna Hlova, a young SSMI, murdered in Ukraine in 2002.

Available in Ukrainian and English.

64 pp ~ ISBN: 978-966-658-109-2 ~ $8.00

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Tarsykia Bios EU

She Followed the Call: Blessed Tarsykia SSMI, Martyr

/ Блаженна Тарсикія: Мучениця за віру

by Lubomyra Nadych, SSMI, trans. Dominica Slawuta, SSMI

Killed in WWII by a Soviet soldier, because she was a nun, Bl. Tarsykia Matskiv was beatified by Pope John Paul II in 2001, with 26 other Ukrainian martyrs and SSMI co-foundress, Bl. Josaphata Hordashevska.

Available in English and Ukrainian. (Ukrainian in limited supply.)

40 pp ~ ISBN: 978-0-9681316-2-6 ~ $8.00

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Prayer and Service

Prayer and Service

Молитва і Служіння

Oración y Servicio

New! Modlitba a služba

A Biography of the Servant of God Josaphata Hordashevska

by Dominica G. Slawuta SSMI
Cover design and layout (U and E only) by Ruth Aney, SSMI

This biography of the life of Blessed Josaphata Michaelina Hordashevska, co-foundress of the Congregation of the Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate, is an expanded account of the biography published in 1985. With the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe and the lifting of the Iron Curtain, more information became available. Especially captivating is the account of the finding of Sister Josaphata's earthly remains, their transfer to Rome, and the ongoing cause for her canonization. This touching story will move both your heart and spirit.

Available in Ukrainian, English, Spanish and now in Slovak

174 pp ~ ISBN: 0-9681316-1-1 (U)
171 pp ~ ISBN: 0-9681316-0-3 (E)
208 pp ~ ISBN: 987-21244-5-0 (Sp)
224 pp ~ ISBN: 987-80-88724-35-3 (Sl)
~ $15.00

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Горіти любов'ю

(To Burn with Love) / Świętymi Bądźcie (Be Saints)

by Sr. Oksana Zofia Waszczur, SSMI

A biography of Blessed Josaphata Hordashevska, co-foundress of the Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate, including a unique appendix of photo plates, listings of mission homes opened to the time of Blessed Josaphata's death, and more.

Available in Ukrainian and Polish.

119 pp (U) 170 pp (P) ~ $8.00

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With All My Heart Series

“With All My Heart” Series /

Серія “З цілого серця”

by Dominica Slawuta, SSMI

A trilogy of reflections on various aspects of religious consecration in the life of Blessed Josaphata Hordashevska, co-foundress of the Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate.

Available in English and Ukrainian.

~ $5.00 each; $12.00 a set

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Pearls and Encounters

Encounters with Blessed Josaphata /

Перлини Блаженної Йосафати

by Dominica Slawuta, SSMI.

Pearls of wisdom of Blessed Josaphata Hordashevska, compiled and with commentary by Dominica Slawuta, SSMI.

Available in English and Ukrainian.

31 pp (E), 29 pp (U) ~ ISBN: 978-966-8460-36-4 (E), 966-8460-23-5 (U) ~ $5.00 each

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Reflections of Josaphata

Роздумування і молитви Сестри Йосафати
(Meditations and Prayers of Sister Josaphata)

New: Of Love and Longing for God

A compilation of select meditations and prayers from the personal journals of the co-foundress of the Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate, Josaphata Hordashevska.

Available in Ukrainian and now in English.

44 pp ~ ISBN: 966-561-221-2 ~ $8.00 (U)
33 pp ~ ISBN: 978-0-9681316-5-7 ~ Special Introductory Offer* $5.00 (E)
(* celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Beatification of Bl. Josaphata)

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Молімося з Блаженною Йосафатою

(Let Us Pray with Blessed Josaphata)

A compilation of prayer services and devotions to Blessed Josaphata Hordashevska, co-foundress of the Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate, approved by the Patriarchal Liturgical Commission. Included are an akafist, moleben, changeable prayers for vespers and matins, a chaplet to Blessed Josaphata, excerpts of Blessed Josaphata's own meditations and prayers and original hymns, composed in her honour by Sisters Servants worldwide. Also includes a short biography.

Available in Ukrainian only.

78 pp ~ ISBN: 966-8744-27-6 ~ $15.00

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Glory to You

Glory to You, O God:
Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate,
the First Hundred Years

Тебе Бога Хвалимо:
Сестри Служебниці Непорочної Діви Марії, Перше Сторіччя

Editors: Dominica G. Slawuta, SSMI and Victoria Hunchak, SSMI
Cover design and layout: Ruth Aney, SSMI.

This 117-page book traces the history of the Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate, from their foundation in Ukraine to their first hundred years anniversary in 1992. Filled with many archival photographs and appealing in its style and presentation, this commemorative book faithfully relates the history of the Sisters and their apostolates in twelve countries.

Available in Ukrainian and English.

117 pp ~ ISBN: 0-9693121-2-1 ~ $10.00

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To Serve Is To Love

To Serve Is to Love:
The Canadian Story of the Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate

(Including the beginnings of the SSMI in USA)

by Claudia Helen Popowich, SSMI
Cover design and layout: Ruth Aney, SSMI

An account of women ready to risk all for their people, leaving behind their homeland to found the Canadian Province of the Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate. As their numbers grew, their mission extended to the USA, planting seeds for the American Province of SSMI. These enterprising pioneers left a rich legacy -- their resourcefulness, deep faith in God, self-sacrifice for the needy and concern for their people, the Ukrainians in North America and elsewhere. Fully documented, with 18 pages of photographs, 6 maps, index of place names and surnames. Recaptures with vibrancy the life and challenges of the Sisters, their Church and people from 1902 to 1970.

Available only in English.

355 pp ~ ISBN: 0-9690450-0-X ~ $18.00

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Catechetical Resources by SSMI

Children of Light

We Are Children of Light
Sacramental Catechesis for Children of the Ukrainian Catholic Church

Діти Світла
Катехизм Святих Тайн для дітей Української Католицької Церкви

Books and audio cassette.

Editor: Marie Shewchuk SSMI
Production Team: Marie Shewchuk SSMI, Patricia Lacey SSMI, Ruth Aney SSMI, Carmela Lukey SSMI
Illustrations, design and layout: Ruth Aney SSMI

A catechetical program:

Supplies limited

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Series on the Sacraments (Holy Mysteries)

Sacrament Series

Life Through Water and the Spirit
Baptism and Chrismation

Нове Життя

Peace Through Forgiveness


by Marie Shewchuk, SSMI

These booklets give an updated orientation to the sacraments of initiation and assist in the deepening of one's faith life. Informative, easy to read, practical. Bibliographies are provided.

Available in Ukrainian and English

21 pp. (E/U) and 17/16 pp. (E/U) respectively ~ $3.00

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Journey of Faith

Journey of Faith
Resource Book and Teacher's Guide

by Marie Shewchuk, SSMI, Patricia Lacey, SSMI
Illustrations, design and layout: Ruth Aney, SSMI

Written to help teachers and catechists prepare their students for the celebration of the Millennium Year of Christianity in Ukraine in 1988, it remains a valuable resource. Developing the theme that God is the Lord of History it explores the 1000-year faith journey of the Ukrainian people in their homeland and in the diaspora. A wealth of resource material and teaching ideas. Well illustrated.

Available only in English - Ukrainian edition sold out. Accompanying bilingual audio cassette of religious songs.

164 pp ~ ISBN: 0-9693121-0-5 ~ Book $10.00,
Audio Cassette $8.00

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Andrew Sheptytsky Bio

Andrew Sheptytsky: Living the Beatitudes

by Helena Paskevich, SSMI

The life of Metropolitan Andrew Sheptytsky of Ukraine, in historical detail, told in narrative form. Assigned a school project on the life of Metropolitan Sheptytsky, a student encounters him in a dream, where he shares stories of his life. A great educational resource.

Available in English only.

52 pp ~ LCCN: 85-61507 ~ $5.00

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Audiovisual Resources

Josaphata Video DVD

Life ~ Spirit ~ Sainthood: Sister Josaphata Hordashevska

Блаженна Йосафата Гордашевська:
Світло з України

An English DVD on the life of SSMI co-foundress, Blessed Josaphata Hordashevska, translated from the original Ukrainian VHS.

DVD available only in English. VHS available only in Ukrainian.

~ $15.00 either DVD or VHS

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Akafist CD

New: Молитва і Служіння: Акафіст і пісні в честь Блаженної Матері Йосафати СНДМ

(Prayer and Service: Akafist and hymns in honour of Blessed Josaphata, SSMI)

Akafist to Blessed Josaphata, and 8 hymns composed by SSMI and OSBM from Ukraine, Brazil, Serbia and Canada, on the occasion of the beatification of Blessed Josaphata, sung by the Cathedral Children’s and Youth Choir, “Vidlunnja”, of Holy Trinity Cathedral, Drohobych, Ukraine.

Available only in Ukrainian

CD ~ $20.00

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Hymns CD

Слава Богу, Честь Марії

(Glory to God, Honour to Mary)

14 popular Marian hymns and 11 to Our Lord Sung by Canadian Sisters Servants

Available only in Ukrainian

CD ~ $15.00
Audio Cassette ~ $10.00

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To You O Lord CD

To You, O Lord /

Тобі, Господи

Divine Liturgy sung by the Eparchial Youth Choir of New Westminster, BC, under the direction of Sr. Ruth Aney, SSMI.

Bilingual; mostly Ukrainian, with some English.

CD ~ $15.00
Audio Cassette ~ $10.0

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Ukraine CDs

Слава во вишніх Богу!
(Glory to God in the Highest)
Christmas Carols
Славимо Тебе, Господи

(We Glorify You, Lord)
Hymns for Liturgical Feasts

CD ~ $15.00
Cassette ~ $10.00 (We Glorify You, Lord - only)

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Also available through this website:

Footsteps of Christ Series

Слідами Христа

(In the Footsteps of Christ) Video/DVD series

A ten part documentary (two parts per DVD) on the life of Christ, translated by the Patriarchal Catechetical Commission of the UGCC, from the original Italian production, "Sulle Orme di Cristo", produced by Alberto Castellani and Giancarlo Cappellaro.

  1. І Сповнилось (And So It Happened)
  2. Іван Хреститель (John the Baptizer)
  3. Укриті Роки (The Hidden Years)
  4. Від Самоти до Світу (From Solitude to the World)
  5. Закон і Любов (The Law and Love)
  6. Блаженні (Blessed are You)
  7. Ти – Христос (You are the Christ)
  8. Кричатиме Каміння (The Stones Will Cry Out)
  9. Страсті (The Passion)
  10. Хрест і Воскресіння (The Cross and Resurrection)

Available in Ukrainian only.

~ $100.00 complete set of 5 DVD or 5 VHS

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Special Edition SSMI Rosaries

Featuring the SSMI Community cross, and medallion with Blessed Josaphata Hordashevska opposite the Mother of God. Booklet with prayer for the intercession of Blessed Josaphata in Ukrainian, Italian, English, Portuguese, Polish, Slovak and Croatian. Various colors.

~ $10.00 each

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SSMI Prints

SSMI Centenary Series - Prints and Blank Greeting Cards

by Jeanette Shewchuk

Historically researched works to authentically represent the early works of the Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate. Commissioned of artist, Jeanette Shewchuk, for the Centenary of the founding of the Sisters Servants.

  1. The First Supper
  2. Day Nursery
  3. Ministry to Youth & Children
  4. Preparing Healing Herbs
  5. Angels of Mercy
  6. Artistic Hands
  7. Sewing Vestments
  8. Feeding the Spiritually Hungry

16" by 20" Prints, ready for framing ~ $20.00 each
Blank Cards ~ $10.00 per 8-card packet

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Maryka's Treasures ~ CD

A collection of interactive bilingual songs for children to encourage learning the Ukrainian language. Maryka Gulka-Chabluk, a graduate of the SSMI's Sacred Heart High School in Yorkton, SK, now of Winnipeg, offers her original compositions as well as translations of folk songs and modern hymns, reflecting Christian values and wholesome living. Sung in English with an integration of Ukrainian lyrics to facilitate understanding and learning. "Kids will have fun making borshch, dancing like butterflies, playing instruments and marching in parades!" All lyrics are available on the website below.

~ Available directly through

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