Shared Prayers

The following prayers have been shared by our readers.

Prayer to Our Heavenly Mother

(Composed by Sr. Frances Byblow, SSMI)

Heavenly Mother and our Mother,
Gracious is your Name.
Your warm heart embraces
and your love caresses.
Morning and noon and at night time,
we love you dearly. Amen.

Молитва до Небесної Матері

(Написала с. Францішка Библів СНДМ)

Небесна Матр і наша Мати
Ласкаве твоє Ім’я.
Теплим серцем Ти нас пригортаєш
і ніжною любою усіх огріваєш.
Рано і в день, і в нічний час,
ми Тебе любимо сердечно. Амінь.

Litany of Prayers

(Offered especially for powerful conversions, transformations
and the end of abortion)

Our Lady of Guadalupe,
we offer all your intentions
and ask that You reign in all hearts.

Dear Mother Mary,
pray for all the souls in purgatory,
for the salvation of all the dying,
and for the conversions of all people.

We ask you through Jesus
for the transformation of planned parenthood
to become a profound, growing
and abundant institute for life
for the Catholic Church,
for the end of abortion,
for the culture of life to prevail
in our hearts and in the entire world,
for peace in our hearts, families, and world,
and for the Laws of God to prevail
in our hearts and in the whole world.

Let these prayers be offered
ceaselessly and perpetually
through You, Mother Mary,
to Your Divine Son Jesus,
Our Lord and Saviour. Amen

Молитви – прошення

(Жертвувані особливо в наміренні навернення, перетворення
і закінчення практики абортів)

Наша Маріє з Ґуадалупе,
ми жертвуємо всі Твої намірення
і просимо щоб Ти панувала у всіх серцях.

Дорога Наша Мати Маріє,
молися за душі в чистилищі,
за спасіння усіх вмираючих,
і за навернення всіх людей.

Ми просим Тебе в ім’я Ісуса
щоб відбулася трансформація планованого батьківства,
щоб плановане батьківство стало
на захист життя
Католицької Церкви,
і поклало кінець абортам,
щоб запанувала культура життя
у наших серцях і у всьому світі,
щоб мир наповнив наші серця, родини і світ,
щоб Закон Божий переважав
у наших серцях і у цілому світі.

Нехай ці молитви будуть
неустанно жертвувані
через Твоє посередництво, Мати Маріє,
Твоєму Святому Синові Ісусові,
нашому Господеві і Спасителеві. Амінь.

The Holy Guardian Angels' Special Prayers

(Offered especially for the Souls in Purgatory,
for Priests, Religious and Consecrated)

Dearest Mother Mary,
through your Immaculate Heart,
united to the infinite merits
of your Son's Sacred Heart,
the whole Heavenly Court
and the Church on earth,
please intercede, direct,
and allow all the souls in purgatory
and all the Guardian Angels
to intercede for all the intentions
of the Church and of our Pope,
and those that are upon our hearts,
which are offered up for Priests,
Religious and Consecrated,
for others, for the world, and for ourselves.

Also let these special Angels,
present at all the Eucharistic celebrations
of the whole world,
each and every day in perpetuity
through your grace,
bring a soul out of purgatory,
assist the conversion and contrition
of a dying soul
and assist a deep, miraculous conversion
for a lost soul,
so the evil one be left empty-handed.

Mother Mary, let all people
who have chosen and been gifted with celibacy,
especially priests, religious,
and the consecrated,
that in each and every day
of living the celibate life,
they also bring souls out of purgatory,
conversions to the dying
and new miraculous conversions
for the lost.

Mother Mary, may your Virginal,
Pure and Immaculate Heart
reign in all souls
and may many more people
come to live in Christ. Amen.

Prayer to St Joseph For Employment

Dear Saint Joseph, you were yourself once faced
with the responsibility of providing for the necessities of life
for Jesus and Mary.
Look down with fatherly compassion upon me
in my anxiety over my present inability to support my family.
Please help me to find gainful employment very soon,
so that this heavy burden of concern will be lifted from my heart
and that I am soon able to provide for those
whom God has entrusted to my care.
Help us to guard against bitterness and discouragement,
so that we may emerge from this trial
spiritually enriched and with even greater blessings from God. Amen