Prayer Intentions

We invite you to email us prayer intentions, for which the Sisters across Canada will pray.

Due to the sensitive nature that your intentions may have, we ask that you not include the surname, or any other indicator that may violate the privacy of the person/people for whom you would like us to pray. Whatever you wish to share of yourself is welcome, name, location, or email address if you wish, but your privacy will also be honoured; please indicate in your email. Our webSister also reserves the right to edit what she feels may be inappropriate for posting.

Updates will be posted, if given, and will be removed when deemed appropriate. If no update is offered by the requester, the intention will be removed on its anniversary at the latest. If you still don’t see your request posted, please check your own email. The webSister may have a question for you, before she post.

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Sisters, please remember the following in your prayers:
(Readers, please join us. See our Collection of Common Prayers page, or the links below for suggestions.)

Please help pray that God fill Robert’s darkened soul. He is like a dead man walking. Also, may he treat his girl right. His behavior is bringing her to copious tears. - AR, November 8, 2019.

Please pray that if it is God’s will for me to return to Ukraine and be involved with the disabled in L’Arche in Ukraine, through the University then may His will be done and may He provide the resources and education necessary in order to do this for the lives of the most vulnerable.

Please also pray for my full physical recovery from surgery one year ago, and from a virus that adds to my current disabilities; for the parents and students, preparing for first communion and confirmation at my parish; for guidance from the Holy Spirit, as I teach them; for an assistant religious ed director for our parish; for Oksana and her family’s spiritual and physical healing; for Ivanka, in her work with L’Arche, in Lviv; for blessings on the Neocatechumenal Way program at Pope Saint Clement Parish; for blessings for the staff at UCU and Emmaus Centre, and for benefactors for them; for Natalia and her son Danylo, for their particular needs; for a deep inner conversion for the students at UCU (too many to name - God knows!); formy brother James and his family, especially their son, who is preparing to receive first communion and confirmation under my instruction; for Semaynesh and her family, for their inner healing and many needs; for the guidance of the Holy Spirit for the administrators of the University of Notre Dame, to keep and defend the Catholic teaching; for Viktoria and Dana, that they not be swayed by materialism; for Kateryna and Oleg, two Protestants who are exploring the Catholic faith. With much thanks, - MR, Aurora, CO, November 7, 2019.

Would you be so kind as to help us pray for love to flood D & E’s relationship. They are struggling. - AR, November 6, 2019

Dearest Sisters, please help me, and my friends pray for our Electronics Engineering Licensure Examination this coming October 19 & 20, that we may be able to pass it and with good health, may God guide us, give us wisdom, courage and strength to answer all the questions correctly. I thank you God for being with me this past 5 months, I can not do it alone without you, I believe in your perfect timing, Thy will be done. In all of these I ask for your help and guidance, IN JESUS NAME, Amen. Thank you Sisters, God bless us all. - MS, Philippines, September 21, 2019.

I have to appear in court in a case from 2015 during which I failed to appear because I was sick but I did not actually know that I had violated the law. So I ask you to pray that this case can finally be dismissed. Please pray also for Oksana and especially for her aunt who was diagnosed with blastoma cancer at an advanced stage. - MR, Colorado, September 13, 2019.

Please pray for my mother Sylvia. We are so wrought with fear and worry. Please help. I am so scared. After a complicated surgery a couple of years ago, her kidney function has decreased and we don't understand why and feel as if nobody is helping or cares. She is normally very healthy and she is the best soul on earth. We don't deserve to have her in our lives. She brings so much joy and healing to so many people. Please pray for her kidney function and globular filtration rate and BUN levels to go back to normal, for all kidney damage to be healed, for Sylvia to never have to have dialysis or worse and for complete and total healing of her body and for her to live a long, healthy and happy life with many more years to come. I would truly appreciate this with all of my heart. Thank you and God bless. - NS, September 7, 2019

Dearest Sisters, please pray that the open heart surgery my brother Henry has just undergone because of side-effects of cancer treatment is a complete success with no future complications. I also ask for your prayerful intercessions to our Lord Jesus for the miracle of a complete healing of Henry from cancer. Please petition God that Doctor Wang will be rightly guided to prescribe the right course of treatment. Please plead for Mother Mary’s intercession on Henry’s behalf and that she would make his petition her own. I believe your prayers are powerful and I entrust my petition to you. God bless you Sisters for this powerful work you do. - AL, August 25, 2019.

I have recently gone through a mutual breakup that ended with no bad blood between us. Without doubt the Lord brought us together. My prayer request is for God to reconcile me with Bianca. I also want to add special prayers just for her as I know her life is tough, as it is. She has dependency issues to sort herself out so she can feel like she can rely on herself. She doesn’t want to fall in love at the moment, but I pray that she receives graces, protection from evil and strength for her troubles in this life, so she may be strong hearted and open to renewing a relationship with me again. - TH, August 3, 2019.

Dear Sisters, please pray for Ms. Victoria, who has undergone knee replacement surgery on Monday, that she recover satisfactorily. May God grant her strength and ability to walk normally. XC - August 2, 2019.

Pray for me to be found not guilty at the trial. Pray for Francys and Sergei (my aunt and uncle) who died in Himalaya; I can’t stop crying. - TAB, August 1, 2019.

Please pray for the repose of the soul of Fr. Richard R., who died suddenly. He was diabetic and had heart problems, but shortly before his sudden death, showed all signs of abundant life. Please also pray for his grieving family. - MR, Lviv, July 14, 2019.

Please pray for repose of souls of 1) Sr Mary Beatrice, 2) Sucorinha Gomes, 3) Fredy Noronha, 4) Sr Mary Celine, 5) Fr Olivio Miranda, 6) Sr Mary Claire, 7) Aleixo Silva 8) Esperansa Rego, 9) Celine Dias 10) Mary Eapen - XC, July 11, 2019.

Dearest Sisters, my brother Henry is ill with cancer. I most humbly request your powerful prayers to our Lord Jesus for the miracle of a total and complete healing of Henry. Please also pray that Henry may have zero ill-effect or discomfort during his difficult treatment and that Dr. Wang will be rightly inspired by God to walk the right path of treatment that will cure Henry of this terrible illness. Please pray to Mother Mary that she may intercede for Henry and that she take this petition as her own. I believe your prayers are powerful and I entrust my petition to you. May God bless you for the powerful work you do. Amen. With Prayers, - Al, June 22, 2019

Dear sisters, please pray for repose of souls of Fr. Miranda, Fr. Agnelo and Fr. Martins. Please pray for salvation of Agnelo, Sucorinha, Lilia, Alexio and Freddy. - XC, June 21, 2019.

Please pray for the repose of the soul of Sister Aloysia, SSMI, aged 106, 91 years in our Congregations on June 1. Her funeral is this morning. - WS, June 6, 2019.

Please pray for the soul of our dearly beloved Anna K, who passed away May 27, 2019, and for her grieving family. - WS for NS, Michigan, May 27, 2019.

Please pray for my deceased relatives, Dmytro, Tamara, Elizabeth, Daniel. - IH, May 25, 2019.

Please, I ask your prayers for Fernando. He needs his car for work, and there have been problems that the engineers of the car do not understand (breakdowns, accidents) and that take time to fix, even the weather has been against them. He is in the United States and has many expectations placed on him. I think Fernando needs protection, encouragement and confidence these days because if something happens to him many would be sad. He’s very special.
   I also need prayer. Something strange is that I look like I am shaking the hand of a man I cannot see or recognize his hands. Also I hear voices, from males and females, that say: “You can not help him,” ... “you will end up giving me your soul”, and other threatening and obscene things. I also feel as if my eyes are stung. I feel that all this has its origin in Mexico, my country. My family has been satanic for generations and for them my birth and my life are a curse for the family and for the country. My father used to say I was a curse from God although even though he pretended that everything was fine in front of others. They think I am weak. I have the feeling of having eaten a lot of dirty rags or cardboard. The air pollution around me has started to rise since a few days ago. I feel tied, blind and my spirit weak a little disoriented when I breathe. I think that’s not normal. I feel as if there is a barrier so that nobody listens to me.
   Please pray also for the soul of my best friend, who died almost one year ago. He used to help me so much and his death was a surprise for me because he never told me he was sick. Thank you for your attention. Blessings. - MP, Mexico, May 18, 2019

Please pray for the expediting of my passport, through the intercession of Our Lady Untier of Knots; for the Lord to help me forgive my daughter’s mother who harmed me deeply; for my mother, father, grandmother Maria, and for all souls in purgatory; for Tyler’s tuition grant for Regis Jesuit High school, thorugh the intercession of Our Lady of Good Remedy and for the School Controller Bob C.; for Marchanne and Vicky and Kathy, all who have endured cancer surgery; for financial aid for Lulit to go to Our Lady of Loreto School; and for a job for her mother. With thanks. - MR, Aurora, CO, May 16, 2019. Update: MR received his passport, and is at his destination. - WS, July 14, 2019.

Prayers requested for my dear friend "L.": she suffers from severe epidural spinal lipomatosis. Thank you. - anon., Texas, May 14, 2019.

Please pray for salvation of Mukesh, Sucorinha, Freddy, Lilia, Alexio, Vincent and Crecy. - XC, May 12, 2019.

Dear Sisters, I ask for your prayers that I complete my application [to teach English in Ukraine - ws] with holy guidance and inspiration, and that I may be accepted to teach in the summer session; that I may be an excellent witness for the Catholic faith and a man in service to God for the sake of teaching others at Ukrainian Catholic University; that I may be a good and humble volunteer at Emmaus Center; and that in the process as I will have the opportunity to meet my lady friend’s family; that God may guide every single one of our actions, and that we may make the best opportunity of being able to pray together and volunteer together to serve those most in need in Lviv and at the University; that God provide for me all the financial and material resources necessary which at the moment I do not have completely; and that I meet all my deadlines and get my passport expedited and paid for. - MR, Aurora, CO, April 24, 2019.

Dear Sisters, please pray for the following:

Recently it has felt like I have been under attack physically, mentally and spiritually, with one problem after the other. I had a diagnosis of epilepsy (which I still doubt in my heart) along with other smaller illnesses that all have some impact on my life. I am feeling very discouraged to the point of being suicidal. I think the only thing stopping me is the thought that God is watching over me and would not want me to do that. I have prayed for mercy for whatever I have done to bring this upon myself and for God not to let me suffer any more than I can bear, understanding that His will shall be done. I hope that you will pray for me to receive mercy and healing, and discernment to understand what God wants of me and His plans for my life as I am very confused with everything that’s going on. I will also be praying for the continued grace and blessings of God in your community. Thank you. - CU, April 12, 2019.

I need your prayer to get my material and financial property back soon, and for custody of my children. I am asking for a miracle, through the Precious Blood of Jesus. - BP, April 8, 2019.

Please keep my prayers for the release and regret [deliverance and conversion? - WS] of Roland M and Michele R and Fatima R. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will touch each one’s heart. In the name of Jesus, Amen. - RL, April 3, 2019.

I pray for my daughter Moira Claire Kateri, whom I have not seen or heard from in many months; she is my dearly beloved daughter who struggles with alcoholism, illicit drug use and dependency, and severe post-abortive trauma from 2 abortions which are now more than five years past. I pray for her healing and that the Holy Spirit may guide her to Rachel’s Vineyard and to “Silent No More Awareness” that she may take advantage of the healing and mutual support she will find with these women and for all those women who have been pressured into and agreed to an abortion or to the physically and spiritually dangerous use of contraception and abortifacients and the terrible damage it causes them, their families and those who love them, and the families who care for them or to whom they belong. And I pray for the healing in all the families who have suffered and been separated by this and for all the fathers who are either suffering or are irresponsible in their duty as men to promote and protect life, that Christ may change all of our hearts so that we may follow him and be the men and women of a culture of life. Thanks be to God for hearing and answering this prayer. I pray for a deep conversion to Christ in all of our hearts. - MR, CO, March 19, 2019.

Prayers requested for A., a 53 yr. old man preparing to undergo open heart surgery. Prayers requested also for the members of the Lambda group of Alcoholics Anonymous, in Dallas, Texas. May God reward you for your prayers. - anon. Texas, USA, March 14, 2019. Update: He is doing very well following his heart surgery so please keep praying for him. Thank you! - anon, Texas, USA, May 14, 2019.

Dear Sister, please pray for the healing of the marriage of Chris’s parents, and pray for Chris who is there only son; for Luis, who is looking for a job and also wants to come back to the church; for Aaron’s mother Elizabeth, who went to emergency tonight for an emphysema attack; for his father who has dementia, for Erin, their caregiver, and for his brother who has strayed from the Catholic faith, that he may find his way home to the church; for Sami and her family, from Ethiopia, who need work; for my brother who was in a car accident and that he be prevented from a late recurring concussion; and for Lana and Anastasia that each of them find a good Catholic man to marry. - MR, Colorado, USA, March 13, 2019

Please pray for the sanctification of Fr. Ian F, Fr. Antonio R, who is bed ridden, due to old age, and Fr. Olivio M, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s, that they bear much fruit in the Lord’s vineyard and to remain in Jesus to the very end. - XC, February 23, 2019.

Please pray for continued healing for my spine, and minimal side effects and need for pain killers, repose of the soul of Uncle Richard, who passed away without the benefit of the sacraments, for deliverance of alcoholics, particularly in my family, for good husbands for the girls at Home of Hope, and for perseverence and deliverance of Ukraine from political oppression. - MR, Colorado, February 20, 2019

I find myself in a very disagreeable and emotionally painful situation, so I am requesting your prayers. Thank you for generously praying for me. I am in a world of hurt, and I hope that changes soon for the better. - Anonymous, TX, February 14, 2019.

Слава Ісусу! Дорогі високопреподобні отці, улюблені сестри молільниці, 5-ти місячна дівчинка Мілана лежить підключена під апаратами після операції на серце, буде так 3 дні, батьки і родина просять Вашої молитовної участі і віддають все в Божі руки! Господь милосердний і Його милосердя є безмежне!

6 місячний Лука бореться з Божою поміччю за життя, також 7 місячна передчасно новонароджена дівчинка з мамою Іреною окремо в різних лікарнях обоє в тяжкому стані!

Будь ласка ставте частинки за Божу волю і милосердя над ними! Також сердечно просимо за п Анну завтра операція на серце.

Дякуємо всім і кожному зокрема за розуміння і за Вашу молитовну підмогу! - Матері в молитві, Ню Йорк, Ц св Юра - Л.П., February 8, 2019.

Dear sisters, I would like to ask you for your prayer that the Lord will lead with His Holy Spirit every my step in searching for the right man for my life and also for very much patience and inner freefom in this very long waiting. It is not easy.. Please pray for the powerful intercession of Our Lady. Thank you very much! May God bless you for all your prayers! - JD, February 8, 2019.

Please pray for the success of my annulment process, and healing of relationships involved, for the healing of my UTI with minimal side-effects of the antibiotics, for me to find a Christian physician, for Monica’s return to the Catholic faith, and deliverance of her mother from occult involvment, for Rich, who is in hospice care, for Moira to discover and be open to the help of Rachel’s Vineyard, for my brother, who is diabetic, and for Jackie and James, who both have cancer. With thanks. - MR, Colorado, February 3, 2019.

Please intercede for my brother so that his fracture to the right arm, can heal without surgery and can soon recover the mobility in order to return to work. His family relies on his salary for all needs. I also ask you to pray so that my sister-in-law may soon find a good job that will allow her to help my brother and to look after his children in the best way. Pray also for me, for my mother (health problems) and for all my beloved dead, the Lord obtain for all my family the forgiveness of sins and the graces necessary for eternal salvation, all those material graces that are necessary for us our daily life and His Holy protection. Pray also for Antonio and his family, who are in serious difficulty. Thank you, God bless you. - AP, January 10, 2019

Dear sisters, please pray to Jesus and mother Mary to have mercy on soul of Ms. Gomes and grant her the grace of conversion and final perseverance. Thanking you. - XC, January 8, 2019.

Please pray for Jackie, who was in cancer remission for 8 years, but is now undergoing chemotherapy - for complete healing and God’s grace of comfort; for Carlos and Lucero and their new baby, that Carlos may be able to continue the work he has begun with his new company, with sciatic nerve pain; that I find a new doctor, who understands my situation and also has Catholic values; for Therese, who has Down syndrome; and her mother, who has bipolar and borderline personality disorder - MR, Colorado, December 18, 2018.

Dear Sisters, please pray for Nadine and Tyler for the flu and cold they’ve been suffering with for over a week; for James and the immediate healing of his thyroid cancer as he is beginning treatments at the Rochester Mayo Clinic, and for his wife’s consolation during this difficult time; that all Catholics may take advantage of the sacrament of reconciliation and by this means, bring peace to their families and to the world; and for healing in the annulment process I am going through. - MR, Colorado, December 14, 2018.

Dear Sisters, please pray for the conversion and salvation of Mr. T. Thank you. - XC, December 12, 2018.

Dear Sisters, please pray for me as I have anxiety and panic attacks and nightmares. Bless you sisters. - MK, December 8, 2018.

Please pray for Tyler and his friend, that they not be harshly disciplined for friendly roughhousing at school. - MR, Aurora, CO, December 8, 2018.

Dear Sisters, please pray that I be given the opportunity to stay at the physical rehab center until I am physically ready to go home, with full insurance coverage. The insurance company came decided that even though they promised to pay for me through December 8th, they want me to go home Sunday instead - they did not consult with the doctors. I am still experiencing significant pain and have been able to do only a few things on my own with help even though I&squo;m working hard. I ask also for the conversion back to the Catholic faith and cessation of gambling and drinking of D and H for the sake of the unity of their families and salvation of their souls. Jesus I trust in you. MR, Aurora, CO, November 29, 2018. Update: MR was discharged Dec 8 - prayer answered! but without the right pain medications. Do continue to pray that this error be corrected soon, for MR, and for the other patient, whose medications MR was given in error. - WS, December 8, 2018.

Dear Sisters and Readers: Do please read and pray especially for the new requests below, but I want to give attention to an updated request, before it gets buried too far down. MR from Colorado, with spinal stenosis, is under more pain than ever. Pray especially for his miraculous healing, through the intercession of Blessed Josaphata. Thank you. WebSister, November 22, 2018.

Hello! Please pray for my sister, C. She just came out as transgender and wants to transition. Please also pray for my parents. My whole family needs a healing miracle. Thank you so much. God bless you!! - JK, November 22, 2018.

Please intercede for my husband and me to be reconciled. I pray that he returns to Jesus, the Church, our family, and home, our marriage and me. Please intercede for Jesus to show him the light so that he reconsiders his decision of ending our marriage and works together with me to save it. This I ask in Jesus’ name. Amen. - SR, November 19, 2018.

Please pray for Erica S., who is suffering with sarcoidosis. - WS, Hamilton, ON, November 12, 2018.

Please pray for Eric M. Holy Mother, gently draw Eric M into the shelter of The Sacred Heart of Jesus. Please watch over him and protect him. Please help him to see the love of God as revealed by Jesus Christ on the cross. Please sprinkle the Precious Blood of Jesus on his soul. Holy Mother, please help Eric in the name of Jesus Christ.Amen Precious Blood of Jesus save us and the whole world! May the light of Christ shine brightly in our hearts.Amen - Thank You. - AB Jr, November 11, 2018.

Please pray for Christian, Carolyn, Stephanie, John, Nadine and Frantz, and their families, for deeper conversion, healthy marriages and prosperity in their work; for MCK, to heal from her abortions, to know that her children are in the hands of God, and that she may take advantage of Rachel's Vineyard; for George and Elizabeth, for their mental and physical health and strength; and for Marina’s marriage, that her husband may respect her and they may have peace and the gift of children. - MR, Aurora, CO, November 9, 2018.

Dear Sisters, please pray for the health and wellbeing of my daughter A, and her young children. Thank you. - JET, Cleveland, OH, November 1, 2018.

I ask prayers for my work, to find trusted collaborators, to be able to reorganize myself. I feel depressed and unmotivated. - LI, Italy, November 1, 2018.

Dear Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate, please pray on All Souls’ Day for my deceased father and all my deceased relatives, that their souls may rest in peace! God bless you! - AV, October 31, 2018.

Please continue to pray for healing in all areas for four people with very serious illness, (three are fighting for their lives), and their family. Please pray for God’s guidance and protection in all decisions and knowledge of His presence during this very difficult time. Please pray for all to fulfill the calling that God has on their lives and to get all of the spiritual help needed. Please pray for two of them to be able to eat again and one to get off of medication right….they need to do so to live. Thanks so much and God, please Bless each of you. - AS, October 19, 2018.

Dear Sisters, please pray for repose of souls of Joseph, Cherian, Fredy, Peter, Leonora, Lilia, Aleixo, Esperansa, Celine, Leo, Victoria and Mary. Your’s faithfully, - XC, October 11, 2018.

Dear Sisters, I recently asked for prayers for complete healing of my spinal stenosis, and I ask again for your prayers for this. Tomorrow I go to get the X-ray that shows that prayer moves mountains and heals. With the faith of a child, in Jesus’ Holy Name, I expect the X-ray to show complete healing. - MR, Aurora, CO, October 9, 2018. Update: With the intercession of Blessed Josephata Hordashevska and Blessed Tarsykia Matskiv, I ask for the complete and miraculous healing of my cervical spine on November 13th and 15th, for a release from the pain medication that I have been on for 18 years and for a brief but effective use of pain medication following the surgery. - MR, Aurora, CO, November 9, 2018. Update: The anterior cervical fusion went fine and so did the posterior today-- they were two days apart but I am in more pain than I have ever experienced from any of the other 24 operations... Please continue to pray for my miraculous healing. And the pain I suffer in the meanwhile, I offer for the various intentions I offered earlier. Glory to God and honor to Mary always and peace to us - - no matter how I feel! MR - November 16, 2018

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We also invite you to pray to the members of our Community Triumphant, our Blesseds and Servants of God, for whom causes for canonization have begun. Click on a link for an ecclesially approved prayer through their intercession.

Blessed Josaphata Hordashevska
Blessed Martyr Tarsykia Matskiv
Servant of God Anatolia Bodnar
Servant of God Ambrosia Sabatovycz
Servant of God Jeremiah Lomnytskyj
Servant of God Kyrylo Seletskyj

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Chaplet to Blessed Josaphata

On the decade portion of a regular rosary, the following chaplet to Blessed Josaphata may be recited:

At the medallion, to start: Blessed Josaphata, who throughout your life on earth brought help to the sick, the weak, the desperate and spiritually abandoned, hear us who pray to you.

On the small beads: Blessed Josaphata, pray for us.

On the large beads: Blessed Josaphata, who are crowned in heaven with the praise of the blessed, intercede for us before God for the grace that we so ardently plead, for the greater glory of God, honour to Mary and peace in all the world.

At the end: O blessed Josaphata, you who lived heroically your consecration as a Sister Servant of Mary Immaculate, teach us by your example to place our complete trust in God. Hear our prayer and intercede with the Most Holy Trinity to grant us the grace for which we so ardently plead, for the greater glory of God.

Blessed Josaphata, pray for us. Glory be...Amen.

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