The Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate

A Gift of Quilting


In June of 2013, Mount Mary Retreat Centre was the recipient of a wonderful gift of quilts, for all the beds in the Villa and Cottage retreat houses - 23 single- and 3 double-sized beds in all.

This huge, creative undertaking was born of the huge heart of our SSMI Associate, Irene Sadovy, of Toronto, who, beginning this project at least two years prior, enlisted the help of three other SSMI Associates, Lillian Pokorchak, Roma Nazarewycz and Leda Ostafichuk, and one other special helper, Maria Suchyj, 87 years of age, Irene’s mother.

The following is a letter from Irene, which accompanied her gift:

“A joyful project indeed. This project inspired my creativity and filled my soul with happiness. I listened to the Lord’s directions and I sewed for Him. This was an inspiring journey for me. Throughout this endeavour mistakes were made, but not corrected as per His direction. I know now that even though I am one of His “Cracked Pots”, I still can contribute beauty to the Master’s table.

“Twenty-three single and one double quilt for the Villa plus two double and one single quilts for the cottage were sewn. These I would like to donate to Mount Mary.

“There are four special people I would like to mention. Three are Associates: Lillian Pokorchak, who always inspires me and always brought a smile to the Quilting Bee; Roma Nazarewycz, who helped finish the quilts; and Leda Ostafichuk, who also helped in our Quilting Bee. But mostly I would like to acknowledge my mother, Maria Suchyj, who even in ill health, was enthusiastic and enjoyed helping in the making of these quilts. She could not wait until I came to visit, so she could help me piece the blocks. The happiness on her face confirmed that this project will not only help others, but also helped an 87 year old woman who needed to know she is still needed and she can still help.

“God Bless,
Irene Sadovy, SSMI Associate”

And God bless you, Irene!