Jubilees of 2013

Click a name to read about the celebration of our 2013 Jubilarians:

85th: Sr. Aloysia Safranowiz (September 2)
75th: Sr. Metrodore Mizun (June 23), Sr. Nathanael Preyma (July 29)
70th: Sr. Hilary Lenyk (March 1)
60th: Sr. Carmela Lukey (August 21), Sr. Cecilia Fystor (June 29)
50th: Sr. Patricia Besko (August 12)

Celebrations for 2013 Jubilees Begin


“The Jubilee was so beautiful, uplifting, so spiritual!” (Maryanne Klasz)

Maryanne’s words summed up her experience along with those present at Srs. Nathaneal Preyma’s 75th, Hilary Lenyk’s 70th, and Carmela Lukey’s 60th Jubilees of Religious life at Holy Family Home, June 9, 2013.

The celebration began with the Jubilarians, Sisters, family and friends gathering in Chapel for Divine Liturgy, concelebrated by His Grace Metropolitan Lawrence Huculak, OSBM, Father Bohdan Lukie, CSsR, and Fr. Larry Kondra, CSsR, with responses led by Father Michael Smolinski, CSsR, and Sister Ruth Aney.

As the Jubilarians arrived at the Chapel, Sister Patricia Lacey, Provincial Superior, welcomed each of the Jubilarians, pinned corsages and congratulated them.

During the Liturgy, His Grace gave a beautiful and most appropriate homily for the occasion. The Jubilarians renewed their vows, and at the conclusion, His Grace blessed each one and Sr. Pat once again greeted and hugged each of the Sisters.

The festivities continued after everyone assembled into the Link Dining Room, where each of the tables were set with the most beautiful arrangements of yellow and white flowers.

Sister Darlene Pelechaty, host for the evening, welcomed the Jubilarians and everyone to the jubilee celebration. She then invited His Grace Metropolitan Lawrence to say grace, after which everyone enjoyed a delicious dinner, prepared by Holy Family Staff, with salads by Maryanne Klasz.

Sr. Pat addressed each of the Sisters, congratulated them, captured the essence of their ministries over the years, thanked each for their service to God’s people, and presented each with a gift, as all sang “Многая Літа”.

Sister Carmela, in the name of all the Jubilarians, responded to the meaning of this wonderful occasion of Jubilee, with Sister Hilary offering words of thanks on behalf of Sr. Carmela and herself, and Sr. Nathanael thanking everyone on her own behalf.

After the response, Sr. Darlene called upon Fr. Larry Kondra, CSsR, Fr. Michael Smolinski, CSsR, and Fr. Ireneus Valyavka, OSBM, to each bring an ice-cream cake to one of the jubilarians’ table as everyone once again sang “Многая Літа”. The evening continued with desert and on-going celebrations.

Corsage_Nathanael Celebrants Homily Renewal Renewal_of_vows Homily

Sr. Patricia, Provincial, pins corsages

Divine Liturgy

Metropolitan gives homily

Jubilarians renew vows

Hostess Giving_gifts Carmela_and_Hilary Nathanael_speaks Cakes_arrive Cakes_arrive Cakes_arrive

Sr. Darlene welcomes guests

Sr. Pat presents gifts

Sr. Carmela speaks

Sr. Nathanael gives thanks

Cakes delivered in style

Singing_Mnohaja_Lita Sr_Nathanael_and_sister_Anne Sr_Hilary_and_cousin Carmela_and_niece guests guests

Многая Літа

Sr. Nathanael and sister Anne

Sr. Hilary and cousin

Sr. Carmela and niece

Other guests

guests guests guests guests guests guests

More guests

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In Mundare, AB, on Saturday, August 3, 2013, jubilee celebrations at St. Joseph’s Home began with the 8:00 am Divine Liturgy of thanksgiving for the many years of prayer and service as SSMI’s of Sister Cecilia Anne Fystor (60 years) and Sister Aloysius Anastasia Safranowicz (85 years). Both are originally from Alberta, Sr. Cecilia coming from Warwick and Sr. Aloysius from Chipman.

Guests present at the festive evening meal were Sr. Patricia Lacey, Provincial Superior, from Toronto, ON, Sr. Marijka Konderewicz, Provincial Councillor and Sr. Bonita Komarnicki from Saskatoon, SK, Sr. Valerie Krochenski and Sr. Andrea Kruk from Winnipeg, MB who had come to Mundare to spend their holidays with us, Sr. Esther Kurylo and Sr. Petronella Dybka from Edmonton and Sr. Veronica Bartkiw from Lourdes, France, who arrived here on July 18th and is now stationed in Mundare. Sr. Cecilia had two nieces, Linda and Marge, join us for the celebrations and Sr. Aloysius had one niece, Lorraine.

Sr. Patricia Lacey brought greetings from the General Superior and from herself and the Provincial Council. Sr. Martha Zulyniak, Superior, warmly welcomed everyone and thanked them for being with us to celebrate this special occasion. After Sr. Cecilia and Sr. Aloysius expressed their gratitude, we all sang several verses of the “Thank You Song”, lead by Sr. Cecilia. With fellowship, good food, song and laughter we ended the evening all refreshed and filled with the joy and goodness of the Lord.

Sr. Pat pins Sr. Aloysius’ corsage.

And now, Sr. Cecilia’s corsage.

Sr. Al with niece Lorraine

Sr. Cecilia and nieces hear the greetings.

Sr. Al with superior, Sr. Martha

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In Toronto, ON, on Saturday, September 21, 2013, the Sisters of the Provincial Home and neighbouring homes of Ancaster and Montreal celebrated the 50th jubilee of our Provincial Bursor, Sr. Patricia Besko. (Archived on request.)

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Jubilees of 2014

Please keep in prayer the following Jubilarians of 2014:

70th: Sr. Georgina Yakymyshyn (May 11), Sr. Fotenia Spilchuk (September 2), Sr. Rose Luby (November 5)
60th: Sr. Victoria Hunchak (July 1), Sr. Yvonne Stadnyk (July 3)
50th: Sr. Patricia Lacey (August 9), Sr. Joanne Gawlicki
25th: Sr. Christine Dudych (February 13), Sr. Janet Kozak (October 3)