Once again, we come together to celebrate Christ’s Birth, to rejoice, to thank God for the marvellous gift, His Son. In all our SSMI Homes throughout the Province we are united in singing ‘God Eternal is Born’, in tasting bread and honey. This year’s celebrations differ from other years, where, through the pandemic, all around, we encounter some loneliness, uncertainty, fear. But Christmas brings a consolation: we are not alone as we travel. In this year of the pandemic, God invites us to keep an open ear and a watchful eye. What is God telling us? …

May the little Child, who laid his sweet head in the manger in Bethlehem, some 2000 years ago, find a warm place in your heart this Christmas, and the warmth of his presence accompany you throughout the year. 

Blessed, Healthy and Happy New Year 2021! Blessed and Joyful Feast of Christ’s Birth!

Sister Christina Syrotynsky, SSMI

Provincial Superior