Pilgrimage 2013

Celebrating our faith anyway! - Vandalism won’t dampen our spirits


On May 10, 2013, six weeks before our Pilgrimage, Mount Mary was visited by vandals in the night. The angel from the Monument to the Innocent Victims of Abortion, erected by the Knights of Columbus of the Fr. Markian Shashkevych Council #7464 and blessed on October 26, 2000, was removed from its base, exposing the reinforcing bar that held it. A small statue of the Mother of God, situated in our cemetery, was overturned. And the Resurrected Jesus, mounted on the back pillar at our cemetery altar site, had been damaged; one of the two bolts by which it was mounted had been ripped out of the back of the statue, and it was left dangling upside-down by the other, which it seems the vandals were unable to dislodge.

The Mother of God statue was otherwise unharmed, and was put back in place. The angel cannot be recovered, without its return by the perpetrators. Until such a time, it was replaced by a smaller “garden variety” angel. But the Resurrected Jesus was sent for repair, and was returned to us for remounting the day before our Pilgrimage of the Year of Faith. It could not have been more appropriately timed.

“Heavenly Father, Creator of Life, You give life to children. Protect them in the wombs of their mothers, so that they will be safely delivered, to see the faces of their parents and the beauty of your Creation.” ~ Prayer for the Unborn
Mother_of_God-at_cemetery Mother_of_God-at_cemetery

Mother of God at cemetery

Resurrected Jesus

Resurrection Altar

In need of repair

Jesus is back! (Repairs compliments of Myroslaw Trutiak - MST Bronze, 345 Munster Ave, Etobicoke, ON, M8Z 3C6; www.mstbronze.com. Thank you, Myros!)

Mount Mary history display

In 2009, Fieldcote Museum, a local museum in Ancaster, did a featured display on the Mount Mary property. They kindly gifted us with their display boards, since they would not likely remount the display. In preparing for our pilgrimage, our staff also mounted the display in the lower level of our school building, for the interest of our pilgrims and all other retreatants who come to Mount Mary throughout the year.

The Mount Mary History Display

Our Ukrainian Catholic Women’s League won’t be forgotten

In the fall, on November 9, 2012, a beech tree was planted at Mount Mary in honour of the many years of support of our Eparchial Ukrainian Catholic Women’s League, as announced at their 60th and final Annual Tea, hosted at our Provincial Home in Toronto. It was to be formally dedicated and blessed at this Annual Marian Pilgrimage. The dedication and blessing of this tree has been postponed to a later date, as yet undetermined, when our own Eparch, His Excellency Bishop Stephen Chmilar, could be present to do the honours. Click on the bottom right corner of the clip to view the planting in full screen.